Hip-Hop Rumors: Cassidy Teams Up With The GDs, Did Rick Ross Intervene?


Movie: Bad Boys II

Cassidy just made a connection that probably just murdered this battle.

Cass said the fateful words: “We got the GDs in the building.”

Why he do that? Because he can, I guess. It has crossed over from Hip-Hop to something else.

He was down in North Carolina and he did an interview while he was flanked by apparent members of the GDs of that area. People are flashing gang signs and threatening Ross and them with no masks on. Cass said that he’s poppin now in the interview and that he’s got a lot of work. Basically, Ross and them know that they are helping Cass pop again. But, shouldn’t they at least try to lyrically stomp him out? I guess not.

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At the end of the video, they go in on Meek too. Oh…yeah…nobody really wants these issues as rappers.

And the conclusion is here…

Just going to tell you what I’ve been hearing and it something that you already know. Meek isn’t going to reply to Cassidy. Nobody in MMG is going to have anything to say, per orders from Da BAWSE. From what I hear, Rick Ross has sent his directives to the crew that nobody is to engage lyrically with Cassidy. I can only assume its not in the best interest of business for him to do so. A bloody and long war is potentially damaging to the MMG brand. As you may recall, last year, Rick and 50 almost got into it. At the time, neither side wanted that beef. But, I think we see a shift as it comes closer to the time for 50 to drop and album, he’s going at MMG a bit more. Meek hit hard in 2012 and he’s MMG’s second biggest artist right now. They need him. My word.

See what happens when Gunplay in on house arrest? All hell breaks loose. FREE GUNPLAY!

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Moving on….

I ignored this yesterday, but because it is so slow, I suppose its something to mention today in the interest of wasting time.

The people over at Celebrity Dirty Laundry decided to make up a rumor that Kim Kardashian is now faking her pregnancy with Kanye West. Now why would Kanye do something like that? I don’t think he would, but here is the theory. Jay-Z and Beyonce – who people insist faked Baby Blue – showed them how to do it. This just sounds like crap to me, especially for Kanye to rock with it.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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