Hip-Hop Rumors: Check Out Who Birdman Was Hanging With!


Birdman is known for his savvy in the rap world and beyond. But, according to KnockoutNation.com, the mogul is peeping around another another “sport.” Check this rumor out.

Manny Pacquiao is getting ready for his big rematch fight with Tim Bradley later this spring. And, while the heat is increasing in temperature, something else happened yesterday. Baby, the CEO of Cash Money, paid Pac Man a visit. Nobody really knows why and a lot of folks in the boxing community have balked at the notion of Birdman even being around the champ. Nevertheless, there are rumors already sprouting that one of Cash Money is going to be leading Manny in the ring for his April 12 rematch with Bradley.

But, on the flip side, there are rumors that Bradley will be escorted out to the ring by an underground emcee with a lot of clout. We can’t say right now, but this rapper’s stock will jump in leap and bounds after this one.

SOURCE: KnockoutNation.com