Hip-Hop Rumors: Chief Keef: BE CAREFUL! ITS REAL!


I’m issuing a warning and I hope it is taken seriously on this fine Sunday. There is trouble in the bushes literally. Now, I’m going to say this and I think I said it before. But I need for somebody to help that young man Chief Keef take it literally and seriously. There is danger. Apparently, people are looking to get him and get him good. And fast. And, intel says, its possible that Keef’s daughter is not safe. Look like gang banging has taken on new meaning as people are getting more savvy with the technology and tracking rivals. Seems like Keef has mistakenly left his geolocation on his phone and has allowed his rivals to know exactly where he is, oftentimes this is his home. Oftentimes, this is with his kid. Now, perhaps these online threats are just that, because if you want to kill somebody you really don’t give them a heads up. Turning off location is easy now. But, even if somebody is remotely thinking about harming a young child, you have no choice but to take that seriously.

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This got past me, but Lil Jojo’s birthday was last week and I’ve been informed that Chief Keef may have narrowly escaped death unbeknownst to him. I heard they were looking to body him on Lil Jojo’s birthday in honor of the slain rapper. I’m sure you remember, Keef was accused of ordering the hit after JoJo taunted his guys. Somebody out there in Chicago – Farrakhan or the mayor that used to work for Obama – needs to handle this. This is rampant and its way past out of control. Death is rounding the corner.

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“Love” how Jay associated himself with Keef and Obama in that song.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

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