Hip-Hop Rumors: Foxy Brown’s Weave-Gate Gets Fully Explained



This is crazy as a mug and I wasn’t going to write about it, but the streets are hitting me up to mention it. Bossip broke this one, as far as this exclusive interview with G-Star. Here we go….she details the whole thing. And it sounds very true.

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Check out this massive post that ensures Foxy not be speaking to Bossip anytime soon…not that they care.

We know she hasn’t been in the limelight lately, but surely Foxy Brown has $900…right?

Text Messages Reveal The Story Behind Foxy Brown’s “Stolen” Weave”

Earlier today we posted a video of a confrontation between Foxy Brown and her hairstylist,G-Star, over $900 worth of weave that the Brooklyn MC never paid for.

According to G-Star, Foxy was pressed to get her hair done for Summer Jam (where she never performed)

Here is the story direct from the Gen as told to BOSSIP:

SHE LOVED HER HAIR. She danced in the mirror and twirled around in circles like a child. She kept giving me hugs and telling me she would be taking me on tour when she drops her album. She told me this was the best weave she ever had and couldn’t believe how flat the braids were. She said I was an Angel with an amazing gift and that I had a wonderful spirit. She loved the fact that I was an out lesbian and said I will always stand out because of how open I am.

So after 30 minutes of the nonsense and twirling she went to the bathroom. I sent a text because to her she took her hearing aid out. I asked her how did she want to settle her bill.

She came out the bath room and started acting all erratic. And said that she couldn’t pay right there on the spot because she had to meet Jay Z at the Barclays Center. (I told her) “Every one told me you weren’t going to pay me”. She said “No I’m not doing anything. Just send the invoice to my management”. I said to her who is your management? -Why didn’t your management make your appointment then? You walked in the salon like regular customer. She said just Google the info for them and send the invoice. I said no. YOU need to pay me. She said gstar you’re a nice girl and I don’t want to embarrass us. Just send an invoice. I said no I want my money now Foxy. She grabbed her friend and started walking out the store. I followed her. I kept saying PAY me for my services.

I let her go because I didn’t want to cause a scene on the street.

I further contacted her to get payment as you can see from the photos I kept getting the run around.

This past Thursday I went to the corner store by the salon and saw her in there (St. Marks and Flatbush in Brooklyn, NY) I confronted her. And then I recorded the confrontation.

I then went back to the salon and finally filed a police report with the 78th pct. The report is for theft of services.

hair 1

Take a look at the texts between Gen and Fox that led to the angry confrontation!

text 1 new

text 3 new

So Foxy is biting using Nicki Minaj’s hairstylist too?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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