Hip-Hop Rumors: French Montana, Drake, Diddy & Cassie, And Even Antoine Dodson….


Word on the street is that Diddy and Cassie are very close to marriage. As you may already know, Diddy has been cleaning up his life. He’s moved to LA with his family. He’s slowed down the playboy life. And then there is Cassie. They two have been playing footsies on the internet, very public displays of love and affection for all to see. But, insiders are saying that all the cleaning up is in preparation for marriage. I can see there being truth in this, because Diddy has been doing his thing for a minute – the original bad boy for real. Anyway…that’s what’s up. We’ll see if congrats are truly in order.

The good folks over there at AllHipHop sent me a message that French Montana sent to me. And basically French said that there’s no way that Gucci was hacked, because he was revealing stuff that only he and Deb Antney were privy to knowing. Getting “hacked” is such a cop out.

Apparently, there are some subliminal disses to Kendrick on the new Drake album. I can’t lie, I have to wait for somebody to show me. But, on Twitter they told me.

Antoine Dodson…remember him? He was gay and converted to straight? YEP. Dude is going to be a father.

Chris Brown has seemingly stated that his next album will be a double album that features Kendrick Lamar, Kelly Rowland and B.O.B.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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