Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West Was WHERE This Weekend And Doing WHAT?


Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn I SUCK! Guess what happened over the weekend!? First, let me tell you. Delaware is the second smallest state in the USA. So, over the weekend guess who popped up at the local BOWL-A-RAMA in my state? Kanye West! The northern part of the state was on fire! Here is what some people said:

@CinnaBUNGY (rynae.) – Wait, what was Kanye doing in Delaware & why did he stop at Bowlerama of ALL places?

RT @im_kwalker: So Kanye West was at bowlerama in Delaware and I ain’t kno about it…I woulda gassed up the Honda and went right up there

RT @banganobreaks: Kanye west in Delaware ! #saynomore

Anyway, I was definitely one of the late ones. I went and got there too damn late. Anyway, you know Kanye has family in the First State. He also attended graduation at the University of Delaware a couple years ago to see one of his fam walk.

Pretty cool.

From what I understand, Yeezy did a good deed that I cannot speak on. But a good deed is just that, whether or not we talk about it.

Shout out to YEEZY!

Shout out to Delaware!


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