Hip-Hop Rumors: Lookie Who Drake May Be Signing!


Drake may be the next great mogul in music. And, no I am not his biggest fan. But I have to say, this dude seems to be able to work and operate in all sections of the game – R&B, hardcore rap, pop rap, Lil Wayne/Jay, Kanye/Diddy, girls, dudes and even the weirdoes like The Weeknd…and then some. So, what’s next? Looks like there i already talk of Drake signing Ma$e to a deal. Man, I was looking at that picture of Diddy, Ma$e and the crew at Drake’s OVO Fest last week….thinking.

This ain’t the only rumor of new Drake artists…

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This could work out best for Diddy! If Drake signs either or both Cassie and Ma$e, Diddy will get a check. And, not for nothing, both are stars – both Ma$e and Cassie. I think Drake could actually take them over the top. Diddy’s not the same party animal from back in the day.  There’s no comparison to Drake, but Drizzy is doing his thing.

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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