Hip-Hop Rumors: Ma$e Is An Official Coke Boy?


What in the world is going on? Now, I know that Ma$e is definitely, uh, trying to make a comeback. And we all know that he’s very cool with French Montana. But, this is outrageous this rumor I am hearing! I am getting the good word that Ma$e is officially now one of French’s COKE BOYS! Remember this:

But that was April, and not a lot has changed for Mason Betha. Sure, there are rumors, but mostly nothing. Meanwhile French Montana is surging in popularity. The beef with 50 Cent may have consummated his epic year. There are hit songs and there are massive collaborations with the likes of Drake, Wayne and Rozay. AND, he’s illseed’s person of the year!

By the way, people forget that “illseed’s person of the year” is an unlikely winner! And it seems like folks think I should take my job “serious” – AS IF…!!!! Anyway, the point of all this writing is that I heard that Ma$e is now an OFFICIAL COKE BOY! All this sounds weird considering Mason Betha is still a pastor, as much as we know. Anyway, I guess French is rapidly becoming a business man. He’s executive producing Trina’s comeback album. And he’s now apparently about to spearhead Ma$e’s comeback as a Coke Boy. Those cats in NJ are going to go crazy over this one.

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Illseed, Out.


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