Hip-Hop Rumors: Which Stars Were High At The BET Awards?


Man, I heard the BET Awards were interesting to those that were in attendance. I heard it was a lot of fun. But, as you may have noticed, I heard some of them were high as a kite out there! First things first, Bobby Brown. I don’t believe that BB was on drugs, but alcohol can get you high too and I heard he was lit like a Christmas tree on December 24. I didn’t even see what he did. The other one was Paula Patton. Now, she was acting so dumb blonde on the stage, nobody could quite tell if she was high or just acting like a ditz. But, a lot of people I was in contact with speculated that she was ON ONE, but she knew it. There is a sad aspect to it. I heard that El DeBarge was definitely high, but the issue with that is, he’s an addict in real life, from what I was told. So, he and some of the other DeBarge Family members have real life substance abuse issues. And it was clear when he was eating the mic or something. I hope he can get help for that.

Here is Paula and some commentary to boot.

Rumor has it, Robin got p##### at Paula, boyyeeeeeeeeeee….she in the cat house.

I’m sure these guys weren’t the only ones – allegedly!


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