Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Goes Hollywood?



Rick Ross is planning a new foray into Hollywood. Rapping is just not enough for the guy. From what I am told, Rick Ross has inked a major deal with ICM, a company that represents a bunch of actor types. The word is Rick Ross is going to be going after a bunch of big time roles in the film industry. Rick did a pretty decent acting job in that last movie he was in “Days of Wrath” and has a major role on the new TV series “Magic City.” The only problem is the other Rick Ross, you know, the real one. Freeway Ricky is also going into movie game, with a few documentaries on his life. There’s even a full-length movie being directed by Nick Cassavettes that will be based on Freeway Ricky’s life. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out in the courts, if it even goes there.


More stuff is coming out about Will Smith and his relationship with Scientology. An elementary school associated with the Smith’s named New Village Leadership Academy in California was recently shut down. People are saying that it was because their curriculum had a bunch of Scientology references. Some parents got mad and protested until they shut the school down. But now it’s being reported that it wasn’t because of the religion, but because the school went broke. That doesn’t matter. I heard that Will is going to help bring in the Hip-Hop community and recruit people to be Scientologists. They already opened a new Church in Inglewood, California and I heard they could even be recruiting gang members to give them some religion. Harlem get ready, they are opening up a new Church on 125th Street too.

Festivals Gone WILD!!??

Man there were a lot of festivals this weekend. The Made in America Festival is taking place in Philadelphia. At Randall’s Island in New York, the Electric Zoo Festival is taking place. And The North Coast Music Festival is taking place in Chicago. There’s been a lot of positive press for each event, but there’s been some crazy things happening at each one. At the Made in America Festival, police are investigating two separate rape incidents. One chick asked a dude to use a cellphone, but he offered her to use the phone at his house. And then he raped her. Then another woman got into what she thought was a cab, and then two dudes raped her. The North Coast Music Festival wasn’t as bad. Police had to tase a naked guy who was running down the streets acting crazy. Then he jumped on a car with a family in it.  He jumped on the hood and then dropped his ass, right through the windshield!! He kept it moving until the cops came, tasered him and arrested him in the buff. Things got real at The Electric Zoo concert. Two people overdosed and died after taking some of that bad Molly aka MDMA. They cancelled the last day of the concert yesterday, after the two deaths and a bunch of other people got sick. This is your brain on drugs.