Hip-Hop Rumors: RIP Aaliyah! Styles P. Vs The Police! Ace Hood's New Business!



Singer Aaliyah was killed 12-years-ago today, after her plane crashed in the ocean just off of the Bahamas. She might be gone but never forgotten.

Well it seems like Lamar Odom’s problems go way beyond a little bit of that Cali good-good. We know he liked the white girl, but he really likes the white girl, according to the latest. But Lamar isn’t even tooting the stuff he’s straight smoking CRACK. He’s been going hard for a minute. Now some people are saying Lamar is in to pills and Oxy’s and all that. I don’t do any of that stuff so I can’t speak on this. Lamar’s pop was a drug addict so maybe that had something to do with all this, maybe not. One of his boy’s is known to do coke, they even had something about it on “Khloe & Chloe.”

Styles P harassed?
Styles P got pulled over by the cops over the weekend. So he got on Twitter to let everyone know. A few Tweets later on the same night, after talking about someone offering him some Molly, the Ghost was pulled over AGAIN! It’s a good thing all Styles does is smoke a little because if he took that Molly he could have landed in the slammer. Shout to Styles he was going to his famous juice bar which is in the Bronx.

Looks like the homie Ace Hood is doing pretty good. Even though he’s named in a 100,000,000 lawsuit, Ace Hood is going to be doing a new clothing line. I don’t think it has a name yet. Ace Hood just scooped up some Gold plaques with DJ Khaled. ‘

Check them out:


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