Hip-Hop Rumors: Somebody Else Is Mad At Iyanla Vanzant!


Well, we all saw the show “Iyanla : Fix My Life,” where spiritual and motivational guru Iyanla Vanzant attempt to help DMX. Well, that didn’t work. DMX said she made it worse for him. Everybody had an opinion and it could have gone either way, depending on your stance. But, it looks like there will be more controversy this week in the show that airs on Saturday.

Why? This woman:

Remember her? No? Yes? She’s one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield. She is going to be on the next episode of “Iyanla : Fix My Life,” and I am being told that she is upset about the final show. Now, the reasons why are not 100% clear, but there seem to be some similarities in why DMX was upset. She’s on there to repair things with her ex-husband, but the show seemingly goes in a different direction. According to DMX, he agreed to do the show for his apparent addiction to women. Soon, he was reuniting with his son and drugs was the hot button.

Bob Whitfield, her ex-husband, talked about it being a good experience, but said that Iyanla went HARD at Sheree. It seems that this is the crux of the beef.

And there you have it.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

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