Hip-Hop Rumors: SZA Attacks The Foul Rumors!


So, what had happened was…a fan wrote SZA a letter. In the letter, she was very sweet, but she address the rumor that swirl around the TDE singer. And, the singer wrote back and went IN on her own people for their hate. I can relate to that! Shoot. The hate is real and its sad.

Below is the letter from the fan and then comes SZA’s response.


“A Private Message I recently received that I felt should be made public .“…oh gee..lol I kinda dunno what to say. I’m a huge fan of your music and you over all. Your music is very relatable and I just wanna thank ya for making the music you make. Please don’t let any one phase you because you are so unique.

But I’ve come here with a few question. Don’t get me wrong who am I to question you I don’t even know you but I’m like really curious. For starters my name Noelle  ,well it’s really Nasya, for reasons I prefer Noelle. But I recently came across like little silly articles on line about you. They had so many harsh and mean things to say but never really listed their sources so I wanted to come to the main source. You. I hate hearing bs about celebrities I really like because its just like who in the hell would say such mean things, like you don’t even know this person. People are saying your hair is fake, and for someone who is apart of the natural hair community, I find that HIGHLY offensive. Black women, just like any other race, can grow long healthy hair as well. They have called your freckles fake, they have even stooped so low and have called you a w#### and spread rumors that you are sleeping around with your fellow colleagues of TDE. Like it just enrages me that people always talk so much s### and still ain’t saying nothing. Ill end this before it gets too long but I also wanted to know if you had like any good advice ? I’m starting school soon ill be a junior and my last two high school years were s###. Any advice,like dos and don’ts for high school? Have a pleasant evening

xoxox -noelle :3 “

——————————————— —-

Hi noelle !

(That’s my little sisters best friends name and she’s such a sweetie) ^_^ ..sorry okay so I’m gonna address this ONE LAST TIME ready ?:
You know the only thing about the nonsense bothers me ? … These are black people .. MY people … These are the ONLY ppl attacking me . They embarrass themselves and they embarrass me for that reason alone . I’ve said so any times in interviews an right here on tumblr that I wear clip ins and the occasional weave to protect my hair from photo shoots and heat styling ect it’s fun and it makes my hair grow like wildfire and actually I suggested that others do the same ! This takes nothing away from me or my beauty because it’s just a part of my real life and I will never apologize for that ….I’m a black woman that proudly grows hair it’s just my personal genetics and I like to protect it . I have to ignore what people say about my freckles because I get go home and see my father and my granny who created me every day with a face full of them lol it’s absurd and almost laughable at this point . When I put real heavy makeup on (concealer powder foundation ect) my regular freckles get covered all the time so I go over them and depending on my mood I play around with them it’s MY face lol . if I’m gonna have freckles I might as well get to mess around with them a bit! it’s crazy fun! Its like art expression for me! . The fact that people find this of negative interest is bizarre . I think instead it’s the feeling of possibly getting under someone elses skin and that gives a lost person a false sense of power that they NEED to avoid holding up a mirror . perhaps they think it’s “exposing” or putting something out there but I’ve never tried to hide it ! I’m in TDE ONLY because I am talented .. My work speaks on that end . as for anything else my partner whom I love very much finds any conversation of me sleeping with my teammates (with whom he’s friends with ) kinda far fetched and ridiculous lol . I’ve posted so many intimate photos of my family my parents their religion and my life and it’s unfortunate that sometimes ppl make me regret that . I could give a s### about random “speculations” behind a computer screen

. I only want my music and my energy to speak LOUDLY in the REAL WORLD . Like thousands of people in a crowd loud . Like fans all over the world loud like change the way people see women and people of color loud . and by the grace of God that’s slowly happening . whatever allows that to continue to shine is what’s most important . I’d shave my head and laser off my whole face tomorrow and still go make the same music and speak the same words ….it’s just about what really matters to some folks but regardless I’ve made peace. How? because IM STILL GOING TO BE SZA and there’s still going to be thousands of people like you that are positive that outweigh the few negative. What is will always be .NOTHING WILL SHIFT THE FOCUS . AND I MEAN NOTHING . this is the last time I will ever acknowledge this petty s###. Bless –




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