Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I. Helping Andre 3000 Get New Music Out?


UPDATE: YO! PEOPLE SWEAR I MAKE UP RUMORS…FALSE! I get most of my rumors from sources. If they are not mine and I know it, I source them to the outlet of origin. This rumor here, was NOT from a third party, but the communication between the source and myself got screwed up. So here is the correction. The source told me “Tip” and Andre 3000 were working together in the studio. Man, the source just said “Tip” so I assumed he meant T.I., but he didn’t. He meant, the legendary Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest! So, apparently, these two were seen in the studio working on new music, not T.I. T.I. wasn’t far-fetched since the pair worked together on the Trouble Man album. Anyway, I hope that helps.

So, it seems the rumors are 100% true. Andre 3000 is definitely working on new music. But, here is the cool part. I am also hearing that Three Stacks has been working uber close to T.I. Not necessarily with T.I. but in Tip’s studio. I’m hearing that dude is actually in the recording process already for this new solo album. That’s is great news. I guess, I have to admit to being curious why he couldn’t do us fans a solid and do an OutKast album first. But, that’s another story. I suppose we need to just be happy that we get some new music from Andre that’s not a remix or a feature.

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