Hip-Hop Rumors: The Hip-Hop Police Are Back?


Well, did you think they ever left? Nope. The Hip-Hop Police are still here. Anyway, Suge gets shot and now the Hip-Hop Police are allegedly on full alert all of a sudden. Shouldn’t they be investigating that crime instead of doing what they are doing? They are allegedly increasing their surveillance over other performers and requiring that outlets that host these stars report when they are there. I remember when AHH had Remy Ma and G-Unit at events at the height of the Hip-Hop Police era and nobody was notified. They definitely were on the prowl. Anyway, I guess they think that some rapper or singer had something to do with Suge getting shot even though we know these rappers ain’t bussin’ no shot at Suge Knight. Nevertheless, if you are a rapper or singer that’s young, kinda rich and Black – and maybe other races too -watch your back.



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