Hip-Hop Rumors: What Model Chick Is Scared Of Rihanna?


Jessica Biel that’s who!

Seems like Justin Timberlake’s wife is scared that Rihanna is going to come in and scoop her man! You may not know this, but Justin bought into MySpace. And he’s trying to revamp the brand and bring it back to its former glory. And, he seemingly feels that Rihanna is the Bashian bullet to do it. Only thing is, his boo isn’t liking RiRi. According to “sources,” she doesn’t “trust that b***h,” says the National Enquirer. LOL!

“Jessica has had her trust issues with Justin, and knowing that he’s schmoozing Rihanna really makes her nervous,” the source claimed. “She’s told Justin that she wants him to avoid dealing with RiRi one-on-one and leave the negotiating to his business team, but that’s not how Justin rolls. He approached [Rihanna] recently with the pitch that he’d take some of the business pressure off her shoulders. But what he really wants is to bring her online business ventures – and her fans – onto MySpace.”

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

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