Hip-Hop Rumors: WHOA! Is Kendrick Lamar Dating Chris Brown’s Ex And Is Breezy Pissy?


This rumor! The drama is about to get thick if there is any truth to it.

They say Chris Brown likes to have his cow and his cake too. Looks like somebody is stealing the milk and sticking their finger in the icing! The fact of the matter is…there is a rumor that Kendrick Lamar is dating Karrueche Tran. Yeah, this chick:

She was supposedly at the sold out New York show as Kendrick’s stylist…that chick ain’t no stylist and K. Dot was rocking his regular clothing that night. Now, people say that Kendrick and Breezy are friends. I didn’t know that.

But, the weird thing is Karrueche Tran and Breezy have seemingly been very off and on recently so I am not sure that this is true.

I’m thinking this is happening.

Still, Chris just proclaimed his love for RiRi…let K. Dot get his.

Illseed, Out.


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