Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Kendrick Lamar Be Helping Somebody Jumpstart A Rap Career?


Lets just keep it real: Kendrick Lamar is doing the damn thing in the name of Hip-Hop. Like, seriously. That said, he’s like the go to dude for a lot of people that need “anchors” on for their Hip-Hop cred. I can see Diddy getting him on the phone now.

Anyway, over the weekend, Adrien Broner, a boxer that is known for his Hip-Hop-ness as well as his boxing expertise, became a world champion. And Kendrick Lamar was there with him and opened the show. Well guess what I’m hearing? I’m hearing that Kendrick and Adrien may be working together in some form or fashion. See, Adrien is a rapper too. I’m not sure how good he is though. actually, let me google thing now. Here is is:

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There’s not a lot more out there.

So, at the fight, Adrien kept Kendrick around or vice versa. I don’t know. In the presser after the fight, some of the comments over heard seemed to suggest that there would be more from Broner The Rapper and that Kendrick may be involved. I personally don’t think that will happen, but I can see that that conversation will be extremely awkward to say the least.

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