Hip-Hop Rumors: Will TMZ Buy Coco Pics For 100k? Gunplay Was Robbed? Rick Ross’ New Pet!


MORE AP.9, Ice and Coco Crap…

I’m not going to lie. This annoys me personally beyond believe. But, its my job and I’m going to do the gig. But, I alluded to it before but this AP.9 rapper, who I have never heard a bar from, is reportedly shopping pics of him and Coco in bed for a cool 100k. He’s shopping directly to TMZ, according to my sources. This isn’t exactly new information, but the dollar amount has never been revealed. I wonder how this will play out?


I don’t know why I am even putting this out there, but I guess it can hurt, unless I meet Gunplay. Somebody that has ties deep into the annals of Miami history recently told me that Gunplay was once robbed of his chain and beaten before Rick Ross even made “Hustlin.” The crazy thing is , this person tells me that this is before Gunplay even linked with Ross, but he was still a wild dude. Apparently, he was in the studio and got into it with some dudes and they just swooped in. I dunno. I still like Gunplay and this only proves he’s a star now.
He recently remixed DMX with a song called “No Church”


Rick Ross is randomly holding a mountain lion cub.

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The show must go on: Coco ended up giving a rearly impressive début performance despite missing Ice

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