Hip-Hop Speaks Out On Sexual Violence, Asks Afrika Bambatataa To”Address The Situation”

Afrika Bambatataa’s Hip-Hop Heavies Step Up.

(AllHipHop News) A new petition has been erected to support victims of sexual abuse, but does not levy accusations against Zulu Nation founder Afrika Bambatataa.

To date, three men have accused the Hip-Hop founding father of child molestation and sexual abuse. The petitioners include highly influential Hip-Hp heads like Paradise Gray (of Xclan fame), Dr. Tanji Gilliam, DJ Kuttin Kandi, Bakari Kitwana, Davey D Cook and others.

Sign the petition here and read it in full below.

To be delivered to Hip Hop

In light of the recent accusations against Afrika Bambaataa, We the Hip hop community hold ourselves and our peers to a high standard of moral responsibility. We do not condone sexual abuse or violence against children or anyone for that matter.

We recommend that Afrika Bambaataa continue to address this situation directly and uphold the morals that he himself has pushed and inspired in many of us.

As a community we need to facilitate a process for those who are victims / survivors of abuse to help them heal and be made whole again.

As a Hip hop community we need to create safe spaces, have difficult conversations and make a firm commitment to form structural support and create relationships with organizations that work to end violence against children, women and all other marginalized groups.

We the undersigned agree to work towards restorative justice and the healing of our community.
Please stay tuned for more important information to come about how we will organize to begin this process.

Paradise Gray
Dr. Tanji Gilliam
DJ Kuttin Kandi
Bakari Kitwana
Davey D Cook
Mark Anthony Neal
Ras Ceylon
Mark Marc-One Hall