Is Superman Still Relevant? “Man of Steel” Makes A Big Case!



What a name. Think about how basic that is: Superman. It may have well been “Awesome Man,” or “Greater Man,” or even “Better Than Everybody Else On Earth Man.” That’s because super is short for superior. And, herein lies the real kryptonite for Superman. Superman has almost been exclusively regarded as perfect, a stark contrast to the tortured soul Batman (who was rechristened The Dark Knight). Superman was simply too good for his own damn good, especially since the plight of the common person called for more complex tales. Christopher Reeve is a memory, albeit an eternally classic one. There is a new guy in town, as Superman is now played by Henry Cavill.

“Man Of Steel” looms over the summer of 2013 as a reboot of the franchise that has struggled in more recent years. But, this is a fresh, edgy take on the brand of Superman and also represents the final line of defense to Marvel’s total domination with The Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk Captain America, Spiderman and other movies in vast circulation.

But the new trailer to the movie looks…super.

Also, there are new characters introduced. We have Russell Crowe Jor-El, Sup’s father. And also Lara Lor-Van represented by Ayelet Zurer. Amy Adams plays reporter Lois Lane, who is constantly chasing her super scoop. Finally, there is the super villain, General Zod (played by Michael Shannon). The movie trailer broods, and remains dark with a conflicted Clark Kent. Perhaps, there will be a newfound relevance for Superman via “The Man of Steel,” as the focus of the flick appears to be on the man as much as the steel.

“Man of Steel” opens June 14, 2013.

(Photos: Warner Bros)