Jack Thriller Disses Afrika Bambaataa, Talks With Angela Yee About Getting His Own Salad Tossed


(AllHipHop News) Recently on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, famed comedian and entertainer Jack Thriller got raunchy taking the podcast to new levels of craziness.

From tips on how to get away with lying, to Googling your future significant other, the two went back and forth on a range of issues dealing with relationships and sex in 2016.

During round after round of back and forth joking, Jack Thriller dissed Afrika Bambaataa taking shots at the Hip-Hop icon for his alleged sexual assaults against “little boys.”

“I don’t really have ‘No Type,’ I’m like Rae Sremmurd, you know those little boys” Jack Thriller confusingly said in reference to the types of women that he likes.

“You like little boys?” Angela Yee replied.

“Na, I like the song – not that. I don’t Afrika Bambaataa…” Jack said to laughter on the show. “He did it, he did it. Who gonna be a n#### and say, ‘Aye, Afrika Bambaataa sucked my dick when I was a little boy’?”

As the show continued on the two began to share more information about their own lives.

It’s so easy for me to be in a monogamous relationship,” Angela Yee explained.  “I feel like I’ve had some pretty good guys in my life, you know? In my past I’ve had some great boyfriends. I feel pretty happy about my relationships….”

“I love my boyfriend, everything is great, no issues,”she added.

While the conversation on the XXX Lip Service talk show started off tame with Angela’s description of her relationships, things took a raunchy turn as Jack began to talk about his own sex life.

“I wash my ass because I  like getting my ass ate out,” Jack Thriller later proclaimed to the podcast listeners.

“Whats the difference between a tongue and a finger?” Angela queried after several minutes of joking about putting fingers in Jack’s back side.

“One is wet and one is dry,” Jack answered. “I ain’t never had a girl put her finger in my ass, but I love when girls e######### out. I love that s###.”

“If you like a tongue you’ll love a finger,” Angela added.

“How you like fingers in your ass?” Jack quipped back.

“I don’t like fingers in my ass, don’t like tongue in my ass either!”

For more information on Angela Yee’s Lip Service Podcast check out her site, TeamYee.TV.

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