Jarobi Talks A Tribe Called Quest's Upcoming Yeezus Show, Phone Loving In The 90s + More (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Tonight (November 20th) and this Sunday (November 24th) A Tribe Called Quest are scheduled to perform for the final times in New York City for Kanye West’s Yeezus tour. The fourth, and seldomly heard member of A Tribe Called Quest, Jarobi White, spoke with Okayplayer’s The Question about what the Tribe show will look like on the Yeezus tour, what Phife Dawg meant on “The Chase Pt. 2” plus more.

The 42 year old “spirit” of A Tribe Called Quest is now a chef at the highly respected August restaurant in New York City’s West Village, but maintains that he will be apart of the final two ATCQ shows for the Yeezus tour. Jarobi also gave insight on the stage set up for Tribe’s set in comparison to the grandiose stage design Kanye implements:

We were at practice the other day and somebody was pointing out how intricate Kanye’s show is with the lighting and all of that stuff. He has the big, crazy budget so he can do all that stuff. He has a mountain, we have little hills.

A Tribe Called Quest’s classic album Midnight Marauders was released 20 years ago and Jarobi finally explained why Phife Dawg said “making love to the mic like Jarobi on the phone” on “The Chase Pt. 2”:

Before text messaging and emails were really popular I used to spend a very large amount of the time on the phone talking to girls. [Phife] used to always be like ‘yo, stop making love to them girls on the phone.’

Check out Jarobi speak on the current states of The Native Tongues, if he has eaten Ham & Eggs since appearing on “Ham & Eggs” and more below: