Jay Z & Jay Electronica Cover The Final Call; Publication Explores God's Influence In Hip Hop


(AllHipHop News) Jay Electronica earned the praise of Minister Louis Farrakhan for publicly supporting the Fruit of Islam at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Now Electronica and surprise concert guest Jay Z are featured on the cover of the Nation of Islam’s The Final Call newspaper.

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The Final Call also ran an article on its website titled “God’s Influence In Hip Hop.” The piece explores the impact the Nation of Islam, Five Percent Nation, and Black liberation theology have had on Hip Hop artists, fans, and culture.

The article also covered Electronica’s show in Brooklyn. A few people connected to the N.O.I. and Nation of Gods and Earths were asked about two standout points from the event – the New Orleans native wearing the F.O.I. uniform and Jay Z giving a 5% chain to Jay E.

Electronica confidante and Islamic studies professor Dr. Wesley Muhammad stated:

Life for a large segment of Black people revolves around the dictation of rappers. There is no other element in our community that has that power—not sports figures, none of our religious figures—no one does. And only a God can make a god. I have to assume that the Hip Hoppers have that power by Allah’s permission, which suggests that Allah has deep interest in using the Hip Hop community and what I think what happened in Brooklyn signals to the world that Allah is ready to take control of this powerful artistic expression.

Brand Nubian member and The 5% Album creator Lord Jamar added:

To have the brother Jay Electronica to come there with the F.O.I. dressed in full F.O.I. garb was a strong statement to make today in Hip Hop. Then to receive the chain from Jay Z that has the Universal Flag on it and to be wearing that in conjunction with the F.O.I. uniform, I thought was a very strong statement because both those ciphers are inextricably intertwined and to see that psychological display of unity I think was beautiful, especially at a time in Hip Hop— and in music in general—where finding something positive is almost non-existent.

To read the full article visit finalcall.com.

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