Jeezy Explains What Took So Long To Post Bail, Comapres Being A Rapper To Being Malcolm X + MORE


(AllHipHop News) Jeezy is a thug motivator, Mr. 17.5 and a civil rights his own right. In his first interview since his prison release, Jeezy speaks on why his bail posting took so long, why he does not want his son being a rapper and more.

Jeezy was arrested on August 24th over gun possession charges and did no post his $1 million bail until four days later on August 28th. While Jeezy states that he is “100% sure” he will be exonerated of the gun charges, he explains to The Breakfast Club earlier today (September 2nd) he could have been released the same night he was arrested, however five of his associates would still be incarcerated:

I’m a real one and whatever happened. They detained two of my bus drivers. One of which was a 50-something year old lady. My cameraman or whatever. I’m such a real person and I know we were there in the right. I felt I couldn’t leave them there. When I stepped in the door, I had bailsmen right there.  I just made it clear that when I leave, we leave together. Point blank period.

Back in September 2012, Jeezy allegedly threatened to kill his son and assaulted him. Jeezy turned himself in to false imprisonment and battery charges on January 3rd, 2014 and during his interview with The Breakfast Club earlier today explains that the argument stemmed from stern guidance from Jeezy on his son’s career choices:

My whole thing with my son is he wants to be a rapper. I just wanted him to  know like ‘this is not for no chain or no rolex or no car, because I had this all before. If you ain’t willing to lay down and die for this then I don’t think you should be in it. This is no different than being in a Martin Luther King situation or Malcolm X. When you say these words, you got to stand on them. ‘

Check out Jeezys’ full interview below: