Kanye West: My Dad Used To Be A Member Of The Paparazzi


(AllHipHop News) Kanye West has been attached to the paparazzi since birth. During the deposition of the lawsuit between paparazzi photographer Daniel Ramos and Kanye West, West reveals his father’s past photography history.

Back in March, Kanye West pleaded no contest to a civil lawsuit from paparazzi photographer Daniel Ramos, whom he had a physical altercation with outside of LAX airport in July 2013. During the deposition stage of the civil lawsuit, West revealed to Ramos’ lawyer Nate Goldberg that his father was also a paparazzo:

‘My father was a paparazzo himself. My father was a medical illustrator, a Black Panther, a Christian marriage counselor,

Perhaps more shocking than that admission is West explaining how paparazzi members have helped him against the law. According to West, paparazzi photographers have kept him from breaking the law on numerous occasions:

The paparazzi watch my car and makes sure that cops don’t give me tickets. There are some nice guys out here trying to just feed their family.

While West pleaded no contest, he does maintain that he did not assault the photographer. West explains he “tried to stop his camera and stuff, he fell down, faked it and everyone was saying “Why did you hit this guy?” I didn’t hit him.”

West was sentenced to two years of probation, 24 anger management therapy sessions and 250 hours of community service following his no contest plea.

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30 thoughts on “Kanye West: My Dad Used To Be A Member Of The Paparazzi”

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    1. Not yet thats what this civil suit is about. The no contest plea was for the assault crimminal case, these writers are just horrible (Charles Barkley’s voice)…..
      He will settle out of civil court and pay, civil cases are much easier for the so-called victim to win.
      Papz are scum, stalking other people and getting paid to sell the pics. Yet Kanye’s wife is in bed with the Papz she loves the attention…

      1. Kim k calls the pap ahead to tell them where shell be then kanye flips on them when they get there. …you gotta be a scumbag to be sucsessful at that ish like used car salesmen or telemarketers..

      2. True saw an episode of Inside Man on CNN and the paps said they have a contract with Kim where she gives them a heads up and she gets % of the profits on the pics

  2. “a Black Panther,”

    And now you married a white hoe and spend your days ranting about how fashion industry wont let you make slave-made overpriced clothes too.

    I bet his dad is grateful for the money but secretly thinks his son is LOST>

      1. 1) Armenia is not the Middle East. its in South Eastern Europe
        2) Armeina is 90% white country. 10 % ethinc Croats..
        3) Middle Eastern isn’t a race…. they are arabs…. are you saying Kim K is an arab? really?

        Bonus Round – you missed the point.

      2. She is more Iranian then your basic Caucasian but she is Caucasian regionally. So are Indians. kinda makes you think about these racial categories. Iranians are also in the Middle east and are not restricted to Iran (as a related people).

      3. I guess you never heard of Indo-Iranians. Look at the map and see what region they are in. Also remember that the crackers we know today are descended from them, not vice versa. I’m mainly speaking of group relations. People say race, but we are of course not a different species from one another. We adapt to our environments fairly quickly relatively speaking. If you look at Indians, they have many of the same features as Europeans but of course they also have features of Africans. They all did descend from East Africa.

      4. Your confused – there are many ethnicities… fundamentally people identity to “race” in different ways.

        For all purpose sense Armenians are “white” as is in not Indian bro.

      5. middle east is a english word. ..see the history of how england created iraq, jordan, lebanon, syria ,saudi arabia and the fake state of israel…oh did i forget america?.. Middle east= ran and controlled by the white man= even greek arabs. Arab means Darkskinned and pleasant in hebrew. do any of those guys look darkskinned over there?- ESAU!!

      6. Never said they were Arab. Maybe you are responding to the wrong person. Iranian was the word i used. They are also related to indo-aryans which are Indians. They are darker then your average European.

      7. Middle east is a BS word you’re right…. before 1982 it was called “Middle East Africa”

        But Arab does not mean dark skinned peaseant… REACH

      8. Right on on most but your percentages are off, yes Armenia is now mostly white and Ethnic croats…. mainly because of when they fell under the russian empire but you failed to acknowledge the Kurds, Assyrrians, Azerbaijani and the Qajars i mean even the Armenian language highlights the arab connection… to this day there is a connection between Iranians and Armenians where some Iranians also speak Armenian…. point is there are and were ppl of Arab descent in Armenia and Robert Kardashian descended from that line however the mother is of caucasian descent…

      9. I’m Bosnian.. we are considered white people for the most part although we have turkish roots.. so do the armenians.. which explains their hispanic or arab looks depending which region of armenia u live at. Its crazy.. cause all eastern european countries have very light skinned/pale white people living more north.. but the deeper into the south of eastern europe u go the more darker people you will find. For example, armenian and bosnian gypsys could easily pass as cubans. My father very much could pass as a arab/ turk although he is bosnian because he is from the south where my mom is a blond with blue because she is from the north. The Khardashians, although look white.. have more arab mixed blood than anything else.

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