Kanye West Will Be The Inspiration For New Currency, Coinye


(AllHipHop News) Kanye West proclaimed in 2013 that he was a god and in less than two weeks he may also become a currency. A new cryptocurrency inspired by Kanye West is set to debut on January 11th and will be called Coinye.

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized medium for online exchange which can be traded peer to peer. Numerous iterations of cryptocurrency populated the world, namely Bitcoin, which at one point in time had a value of $1000 per Bitcoin. Members of the group behind Coinye spoke with Noisey about their new venture and explained why they chose Kanye West as their inspiration instead of other popular artists such as Drake:

We chose to represent Kanye because he is and always has been a trendsetter, and he’s always keeping things unique. I can picture a future where Coinye is used to buy concert tickets, with cryptographically verified virtual tickets, and other ideas I can’t give away just yet.

Kanye West is not affiliated with Coinye and has made no public announcements about his feelings towards the new cryptocurrency. The people at Coinye have an intriguing way to attempt to garner Kanye’s endorsement:

We’d love if Kanye named dropped Coinye. I think he’s gonna love that there’s a CURRENCY named in his honor. We don’t want to pay him off to name check us, but it’d be sick if he does so. In-fact, we’re making an open invitation to Kanye: Get hold of us at coinyewest.com and we’ll send you 100,000 COINYE on launch. A hundred thousand. Bitcoin started small too, and now look where it’s at.