Kelly Rowland Rescued After 12 Hours Of Being Lost At Sea

Kelly Rowland Rescued After 12 Hours Of Being Lost At Sea

(AllHipHop News) Life imitates art in the most serendipitous ways at times, other times it helps add light irony on heavy topics such as a famed R&B singer being lost at sea. That is exactly happened with the “Survivor” singer, Kelly Rowland, was rescued after being stranded at sea for 12 hours.

Rowland and a half dozen others embarked on a whale watching expedition on Friday morning (July 19th) but soon encountered 5 foot waves, disorienting fog and got off course.

The captain of the boat became groggy due to the conditions, however Harbor Master triangulated the position of the boat to the Coast Guard after the boat carrying the “Sail On” singer was late on its return.

TowBoat U.S. captain Noah Santos rescued everyone and returned them to back around 11p.m. on Friday (July 19th). According to Santos everyone ” were just a little shaken up” but he later received a personal thank you from Kelly Rowland herself:

“I ran into her the next day while I was out at dinner with my wife and she bought us dinner. She told me I was her hero.”

No word yet from Kelly Rowland or her team regarding the incident.

Check out a photo of Kelly with her rescuer, Noah Santos: