Kendrick Lamar Says Competitors Need To "Try Harder"

Kendrick Lamar To Peers: “Try Harder”

(AllHipHop News) Kendrick Lamar does not seem too impressed by any of the responses sent at him after his “Control” verse shook the industry; including one recorded by Meek Mill. Kendrick sent subliminal shots at the MMG rapper during a show in New York City after Meek released the track “Ooh Kill Em”, and The Black Hippy member has a message to anyone else that recorded response tracks as well.

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“They need to try harder,” Kendrick told TMZ. “[Jay Z] that’s the big homie, but everybody else got to try harder.” Kendrick did not answer the pap’s direct question about Meek’s “Ohh Kill Em.”

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Meek Mill told MTV News that he spoke with Kendrick at Jay Z’s Made In America Festival. The Philadelphia native revealed that he told K. Dot that he had to figure out how to respond to him in a respectful way, because he felt Kendrick’s verse was in friendly competition and not meant to be disrespectful.

“I’m from Philly, when somebody comes at you, they come at you in a very disrespectful way, like they’re gonna kill your mother in their raps and all types of stuff,” said Meek. “So I was just thinking of a way I could keep it respectful, but still talk that work so you know that I mean business.”

Watch Kendrick’s conversation with TMZ in the video below.