Kevin Durant Says Game Lied About $20K Bet, Game Responds (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Charity has never been so competitive. Earlier today, Kevin Durant was videotaped stating that Game’s alleged $20,000 bet was fraudulent.

Last Friday, Game posted a video on Instagram claiming that he won a $20,000 bet from Kevin Durant after he made a 3-pointer from the same length as the NBA regulates. Earlier today, Durant was on TMZ cameras stating that Game lied about a $20,000 bet, which Game quickly alleged made Durant a “sore loser”:

Screenshot 2014-06-11 15.04.53

Durant responded back on his personal Twitter account claiming that there was not a bet in place, but an agreement that he would donate sneakers to Game’s AAU basketball team. Even though Game posted on his personal Instagram that he won $20,000 from Durant, he later blamed TMZ for a “miscommunication” between himself and Durant:

Had a conversation with @easymoneysniper this morning & we both agreed that there was a miscommunication between the middle party which was “TMZ” & that the way the camera man presented it to him was as if he bet me $20,000 cash which wasn’t the case…. We agreed that if I hit the 3 point shot he would get KD gear & his kicks for all the kids in our @froggallstars organization which is close to 130 children…. 130 kids at a price of maybe $150 a shoe & gear after tax equals close to $20,000 give or take so that’s where that # came from.

Check out Durant calling Game a liar and Game resolving the issue below:

Screenshot 2014-06-11 15.18.03