Landon Brown: Bobbi Kristi’s Fiance Was Like Her Brother, Now Like Her Husband

Landon Brown: Bobbi Kristi’s Fiance Was Like Her Brother, Now Like Her Husband

(AllHipHop News) The Brown/Houston family have experienced quite a bit of family turmoil following Bobbi Kristi’s announcement of her engagement to Nick Gordon. Bobbi Kristi and her father Bobby Brown have become estranged and recently her grandmother Cissy Houston said the 20 year old was “too young” to wed in a letter.

Bobby Brown’s eldest son Landon Brown talked with AllHipHop recently about his burgeoning music career, media misrepresentation of his mother’s legacy and more including his sister’s recent engagement.

Check out an excerpt from Landon Brown’s EXCLUSIVE interview with AllHipHop dropping next week:

How do you feel about Bobbi Kristi’s engagement?

I feel like it’s inevitable, isn’t it? You have a daughter or you have a sister and one day there’s going to be a man who makes her feel like she wants to be with him forever. How else can I feel? It isn’t my decision so I have to accept it.

How do you feel about the allegations of her fiance being her brother because of the fact your mom took him in?

People keep bringing this us about him being her brother. I just feel like they’re trying to transform it into something bad. That is not her brother. If Whitney would have found you somewhere, and you had become friends with Kristi and then you decide to travel with them on the road that wouldn’t make you her brother and that wouldn’t make you their son. Especially when you’re a grown man already so I don’t know where people are coming with this brother thing. He was like a brother to her and now he’s going to be like her husband. [Laughs]