LAPD: Christopher Dorner Firing Justified, No Racism Involved…So Far

LAPD: Chris Dorner Firing Justified, No Racism Involved…So Far

(AllHipHop News) Slain ex- LAPD officer Christopher Dorner’s murder spree in February does not seem like it will be vindicated after the LAPD’s recent internal investigation found no evidence of racism and unjust behavior in his firing.

According to the Associated Press, Civil Rights Attorney Connie Rice claimed there was no  While the LAPD has not officially made a statement on the investigation, Rice says Dorner had a history of exaggerating stories and making fraudulent complaints against fellow officers.

The firing was justified and his allegations are completely unfounded. This guy needed to go. And the question was, even if he needed to go, did the LAPD get rid of him in a way that was illegitimate? And the answer for me was no, says Rice

Rice also goes on to claim Dorner was virtually incomprehensible during his firing’s hearing and only filed the complaint against his training officer after discovering she gave him a bad performance review.

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Dorner accused Sgt. Teresa Evans of kicking a handcuffed man while they were partners in 2007, however the claim was found to be a lie after an internal LAPD investigation. Evans was the one who gave police the tip that Dorner was the murderer of an Irvine, CA couple prior to the discovery of his manifesto.

Rice’s findings after a two week long investigation may have absolved the LAPD of racism in Dorner’s case but she says racism is still alive in the department:

Just because racism didn’t play a leading role in what happened to Dorner doesn’t mean the LAPD is now an inter-racial nirvana. It does still have serious problems like every department does and we shouldn’t forget that.

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While Rice’s claims appear conclusive, the investigaion is not fully completed as it still needs to go to be reviewed by the inspector general and then to the Police Commission according to Police Commission President Andrea Ordin.