Legendary Singer Ronnie Spector Calls Kanye West “A D**k”


(AllHipHop News) Kanye West definitely has legions of fans around the world, but apparently one former member of 1960’s girl group The Ronettes is not one of them. Ronnie Spector gave an interview with Noisey and the 70-year-old vocalist had a few choice words to say about Mr. West.

“He’s a d**k. I’m sorry. I don’t like him. I’m just being honest,” said Spector.

The conversation led to Kanye after Spector acknowledged her appreciation of Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner’s attempts to protect their children from the paparazzi. When the interviewer mentioned West’s drive to pass anti-pap laws, Spector expressed her feelings about the Chicago rapper.

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“No kidding, good for him,” said Spector. “I am not a fan of Kanye West. I don’t mind Kim, but I just don’t like that guy. I’m not a fan of how he speaks.”

Spector is not a Hip Hop hater in general. She does mention one rapper she is fond of. Speaking about the creator of The Marshall Mathers LP 2, she said, “I like Eminem. I like something I can understand. I understand his lyrics.”

Spector (born Veronica Yvette Bennett) was the lead singer of Grammy winning group The Ronettes. One of the trio’s biggest hits was 1963’s “Be My Baby” which was produced by convicted murder Phil Spector, Ronnie’s ex-husband.

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