Lil Kim Gets Sued For Millions Over Botched Business Deals


(AllHipHop News) Lil Kim has been sued by a former business manager who charges the Queen Bee cost her millions in failed business deals.

Andrew Ro of International Rock Star Corp says he lost millions on Lil Kim after he had a number of products for the BK rapper to endorse, including perfume, energy drinks, vodka, clothing and even a honey maker. Ro says Kim wanted to be paid extra to attend meetings, which made it close to impossible to make the deals successful.

Ro said Kim refused to promote a perfume line and even stopped taking calls from the company.

According to TMZ, Kim send Ro a cease and desist letter to put a halt to all business deals in progress, charging that the IRS tricked her into these deals.

Ro claims Kim caused his company to lose $15 millions.