Lil Scrappy Is Wanted By Atlanta Police


Lil Scrappy is wanted by authorities in Atlanta because he’s refused to give them a sample of his urine.

The rapper was require to give up a urine test, an agreement made after he was arrested in 2008 for smoking weed.

The rapper gave the authorities urine that was cold to the touch, according to TMZ, and they suspect it was not his. The rapper refused to give them a sample in their presence and left.

The police now charge that he violated his probation and issued a warrant for his arrest.

The rapper was not present at a recent “Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta” screening in New York and his fianceé Erica alluded that he had some legal issues. She did not elaborate from the stage.

Scrappy is expected to appear in court May 16 to address the situation to a judge. He’s going to turn himself in next week though, per TMZ.