Loaded Lux's Busta Rhymes/Meek Mill Diss Track "Burning Bridges" Hits The Net


(AllHipHop News) It was revealed during the Total Slaughter I Battle Rap event that battling legend Loaded Lux recorded a diss track aimed at Busta Rhymes.

Lux’s opponent that night, Murda Mook, gave a brief preview of the record after he spit the lines, “He makes sneak diss records bout rappers he claims he looks up to/But he never released it, he thought he kept it a secret… But we ain’t gonna hold this up, cause my n***as you know what’s up/We kept the file/Can I address the crowd?”

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The full song has now hit the net courtesy of Forbez DVD. Lux’s “Burning Bridges” features lines mentioning both Busta Rhymes and Meek Mill.

After Mook leaked the snippet of the record at TSI, Busta was asked for his response about the diss track while on the Sway In The Morning radio show.

“It really caught me off guard because I don’t ever get disrespected by anybody,” said Busta. “I just command that cause I give it. So, I think the most surprising thing was not only was it from somebody that I f**k with, but it was somebody that wasn’t warranted in any disrespect towards me. I’m cool even if it’s in fun. But even if it’s in fun, again, I was raised different. We don’t diss Rakim, LL, Chuck D, even in joke. There’s no joke about any level of disrespect.”

Busta also noted he spoke to Lux, and the two emcees agreed to move forward from the situation. The native New Yorker added he is fan of Loaded Lux and supports him.

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Lux addressed the matter as well. He told VladTV, “I apologized to him and everything and expressed to him that however it may seem, man to man, this wasn’t nothing I co-signed. But I apologized for my callousness. It was my vocals and everything. I will say this though, first and foremost: when we did it in its initial it wasn’t done with malice intention.”

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Listen to Loaded Lux’s “Burning Bridges (Busta Rhymes/Meek Mill Diss)” below.