Lord Jamar: Justin Beiber Is "Not Necessarily" A Racist


(AllHipHop News) File this one under   Yesterday (June 3rd), following videos of a 14 year old Justin Beiber making racist remarks, Lord Jamar addressed the controversy and gave his opinion on Justin Beiber’s racist intentions.

On his personal Twitter account, Lord Jamar acknowledged that Beiber’s racist comments were reprehensible, however stated the Beiber was not a racist simply due to the age at which he said those comments. According to Jamar, Beiber has had time to change from his pre-teen racist speech:

Back in April, Jamar informed HipHopDX was “leeching off black music” due, in part , to the fact that “he got that white fanbase, but he’s making essentially black music.” He reiterates this statement following the revelation of the Beiber racist tapes:  

Justin Beiber has not responded to the recently released video of him singing racist lyrics and intimating that he desired to join the KKK.

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