Lupe Fiasco Explains Only Getting Paid For 11 Records & History With Jay Z


(AllHipHop News) Lupe Fiasco has been working on his next album Tetsuo & Youth for a few years. The Chicago emcee is now currently in the process of narrowing down which songs will make the final tracklist.

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Speaking with Skee Live, Lupe explains that he has to cut the project down to eleven tracks because his label will only pay him for that number of songs.

“I only get paid for eleven records,” says Lu. “There’s a cap on your royalties where the record label only pays you for eleven records, and in my position anything over eleven records is not just free, it actually pulls money out of my royalties.”

Lupe also gives shout outs to other rappers Ab-Soul and Big K.R.I.T., and in another segment he discusses his history with Jay Z.

“Jay the homie. I was going to sign to Roc-A-Fella like in 2002-2003,” states Lupe. “I just built this rapport with Jay. Being able to go to Baseline [Studios] and see him put together joints like The Black Album and be a part of that, give him joints for that. So he’s always been in the mix. Not so much the past couple of albums, the past few years. Still the homie though.”

Jay Z was credited as an executive producer on Lupe’s first studio LP Food & Liquor. He appeared on the song “Pressure” off the album as well.

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Watch Lupe Fiasco’s interview below.