Lupe Fiasco & Mr. Dizaster Battle Over Homophobia, Religion, & Who's The Better Lyricist


(AllHipHop News) Chicago emcee Lupe Fiasco and battle rapper Mr. Dizaster were at it again. After exchanging insults online last year, both men returned to Twitter yesterday for another round of back-and-forth that included Lupe throwing some written lyrical jabs at Dizaster.

The hours long tweet battle seemed to have begun when Dizaster called out Lupe for his recent comments about Kendrick Lamar. Lupe then replied back by admonishing Diz for using a gay slur in his tweet.

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From there the conversation turned into a debate about religion and faith.

Ultimately, the topic of who is the better lyricist came up, and Lupe displayed some his wordsmith abilities 140 characters or less at a time. Dizaster responded by answering tweets from other people about Lupe’s verbal attack.

This was not the first time Lupe and Dizaster have had words for each other. Last October the two had another Twitter argument after Lupe called Diz and his King of the Dot opponent Aye Verb’s battle “sub par.”  Dizaster then referred to Lupe as a “Twitter hoe.”

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