Lyrics Of G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd Used In Federal Murder Trial Against New Orleans Gang


(AllHipHop News)  G-Unit rapper Kidd Kidd and his lyrics have come under fire as federal prosecutors allege Kidd Kidd is an “agent” to the murderous New Orleans street gang the 39ers.

Currently the 39ers are on trial for a 45-count indictment that includes at least 12 murders according to The New Orleans Advocate

In the initial hearings it was revealed that the G-Unit rapper’s lyrics are being used to prosecute members of a 9th ward gang that claims “The G Strip” area surrounding  Third and Galvez streets in New Orleans. 

Little did tourists in the French Quarter know that just a few miles East, an infamous gang was taking over the 9th ward.

“Yo, ho, you wanna ride a gang 39er/ so that’s why her old man can’t find her,” Kidd Kidd raps on the controversial song “G.T.O.” by QP.

In the video members of the 39ers wear t-shirts that say “3NG We DA Best Team 39’ers,” while Kidd Kidd raps his verse.

At one point in the video, Gregory “Rabbit” Stewart, who has claimed several murders and is a cooperating with prosecutors, can be seen with his arm around Kidd Kidd with gun at the waist.

The federal case against the 39ers was being built by prosecutors as early as 2009 and spanned over a two-year time.

During that time the feds reportedly watched the 39ers push heroin to the streets of New Orleans and beyond, while also committing a host of violent crimes to go along with the murders.

While alleging that Kidd Kidd’s affiliation helped build up the name of the 39ers, prosecutors are not looking to charge Kidd Kidd or QP.

“There’s a public relations aspect of this organization, including intimidation,”Assistant U.S. Attorney Myles Ranier said, “keeping potential victims and witnesses in fear of the enterprise.”

This isn’t the first time a rapper’s lyrics have been used in a murder trial.

Back in 2012 Lil Boosie’s lyrics were used against him in a first degree murder trail that didn’t hold up as Boosie beat the case.

More news on this story as it develops as the trial is now set for September.