Macklemore Costume Raises Eyebrows Towards With "Jewish" Costume


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Macklemore has sparked a bit of controversy with a consume he wore at a surprise appearance.

Seattle’s EMP Museum opened a new exhibit called “Spectacle: The Music Video,” to which Macklemore surprised the audience with his performance.

Some where shocked more about what they saw as a swipe at Jewish stereotype. Most in attendance didn’t seem offended, as there was no visceral response from the crowd.

Most people that felt emotionally about the performance expressed it on social media.

The expressed concerns

“For a surprise set celebrating a new exhibit at Seattle’s Experience Music Project Museum on Friday night, he opted to perform dressed as some kind of Jewish caricature, prosthetic schnozz included,” the article said.

Macklemore didn’t comment directly, but did say he had many Jewish friends.