Mary Gold Releases Jet Life BitTorrent Bundle Featuring “Sex Hormone’d Druggie” Mixtape


(AllHipHop News) The innovative BitTorrent/Jet Life partnership featuring projects from Curren$y’s crew continues with the latest mixtape download. The new addition introduces the Jet’s newest member Mary Gold as she releases her debut project Sex Hormone’d Druggie. The bundle includes the 13-track mixtape, videos, and exclusive photos shot by CJ Wallis.

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“People try to put roles, rules, and categories around female artists. I have no expectations. I just want to create,” Gold told BT Blog. “I dislike categories heavy, so I don’t think about my work from a female perspective. I think about it from a creative perspective; as a creator. This is who I am, in every aspect.”

Sex Hormone’d Druggie is third mixtape release connected to the Jet Life BitTorrent Bundle. Previously, the Red Eye compilation and Curren$y & Young Roddy’s Bales were made available through the package.

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To download Mary Gold’s Sex Hormone’d Druggie visit

Check out the features included in the bundle below.

1. Mother Mary Intro, produced by Diggable Slim [Audio]
2. Nephilim, produced by Ghazi Gamali [Audio]
3. Lisa, produced by Diggable Slim [Audio]
4. Fukk feat. Leaf, produced by Crack Tracks [Audio]
5. Druggie Girl by Dirty Spice, produced by Negrosaki [Audio]
6. Threesome, produced by L.A. Beatz [Audio]
7. Miley Cyrus, produced by Nesby Phips [Audio]
8. Coup De Ville, produced by Rmur [Audio]
9. Grand Theft, produced by Diggable Slim [Audio]
10. Needy, produced by Lu B [Audio]
11. Treetop Express, produced by Diggable Slim [Audio]
12. Prayer feat. Curren$y, produced by Lachase x DVN [Audio]
13. Steezus Christ, produced by Junedocc [Audio]
14. Sex Hormone’d Druggie Trailer [Video]
15. Prayer feat. Curren$y [Video]
16. Sex Hormone’d Druggie Photos [Images]