Meek Mill Slated To Testify Next Week In Unlawful Imprisonment Case Against Philly Cops


(AllHipHop News) MMG rapper Meek Mill is expected to the stand in his case against the city of Philadelphia next week. Meek is suing the city and members of the police department for what he believes was an unnecessary detention in 2012.

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The Philly performer was detained by police after his car was stopped on Halloween night that year. Officers said they smelled weed in the vehicle, but Meek refused to allow them to search the car.

“You are gonna have to call the dogs,” Meek told the cops according to the police report.

Drug sniffing dogs were brought to the scene, and the officers stated the animals “alerted to the presence of drugs.” Cops used that as probable cause to detain Meek, despite the fact no illegal substances were found at the scene.

The Dreams and Nightmares creator was held in custody for nine hours causing him to miss scheduled events. He also claims the entire ordeal cost him around $1.3 million in a deal with Puma because of the negative press.

Two officers have been named as defendants in the suit –  Andre Boyer and Alvin Outlaw. Boyer was fired in 2013. A Police Board inquiry found he committed several violations surrounding $6,000 seized during a separate 2011 arrest. He also received numerous civilian complaints.

Another officer, Victoria Ayres, is accused of mocking the Meek Mill situation on Instagram. Meek’s lawyers say Ayres posted a picture to the social media site with the caption, “‘Talk about dreams and nightmares, Meek is sitting in cuffs courtesy of the 22nd District! I’m rollin! Maybe he’ll sign our copies.”

Meek is seeking compensation for “damage for the mental anguish, anxiety, embarrassment and humiliation caused by the unlawful stop.”

Jury selection in the case is set for Monday, April 28th. Opening statements are expected to begin on Tuesday.

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