Mona Scott-Young Describes Benzino Shooting As Blessing From "Reality Gods"


(AllHipHop News) Mona Scott-Young has been the executive producer of Love & Hip Hop for four years, but the Mimi Faust and Rikko sextape from last month may have been the biggest news the show has ever garnered. In a recent interview, Mona Scott-Young speaks on how she questioned the legitimacy of the sex tape and how Benzino’s recent shooting was a blessing from the “reality gods”.

This past March, Benzino was allegedly shot by his nephew en route to a funeral service for his mother. Rumors spread that Benzino staged the shooting to increase news interest, a rumor that  Young denies. However, the woman who makes a living off of reality show ratings, stated that the timing of the shooting was a good sign:

The timing and the way that it happened, you have another moment that you go, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s like the reality gods have once again chosen this show to smile upon.

Young later stated that “I’m producing a show that you hope gets ratings and you hope people respond to. Good or bad.”

Young attests that neither herself or VH1 has a financial investment in the sale of Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta sex tape, distributed through Vivid Entertainment. However, the ringleader of the reality chaos did state that she questioned Mimi when the star first informed her that Vivid Entertainment got a hold of the sextape:

When she called and said, ‘The head of one of the biggest p### companies got a copy of it,’ did I have my own questions? Of course. Like, really? How did he know it was you? How did he get your phone number?

Check out the full interview here.