Non HipHop Rumors: DMX’s Son Responds To Father, “DMX Loves To Play The Victim”


I think I’m going to start writing some news stories. I got a good one. I think they may get p#####, because its not a rumor! DMX’s son Xavier Simmons has responded to his father! Remember X said hat “Iyanla: Fix My Life” made his life worst, which AllHipHop broke exclusively. X-Man said, “The older that I’ve gotten, learning to see him as a person…He loves to play the victim role. At first, he thought the show was going to be all about him. When he started to tackle the tough questions, he just flipped out. Iyanla didn’t make his life worse, he did that,” Xavier said in an online video circulating. He also said that after removing himself from the situation with his father that he was able to find some clarity.

As revealed exclusively, DMX was not pleased with the direction of the show, as he though it would be about an addiction to women. The tone quickly changed to home in on his firstborn son, Xavier, and his addiction to drugs.

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Below is the whole interview with Xavier.

Sorry! Its a slow rumors day so I’m jackin’ for news!

Oh, here is a bit of rumor stuff I heard about Xavier. I heard he’s a counselor or something at a local YMCA in upstate New York. He works with kids, I believe.

Damn. It just occurred to me. This sh*t is mad sad, b.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

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