Pharrell: Beyonce Album Is Crazy, Beyonce Jumps Off Skyscraper (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Ever since Beyonce released her fourth solo debut album in 2011 she has 1. had a baby 2. performed around the world multiple times 3. not released another album. Pharrell spoke with Billboard to assure them that Beyonce is not only working on an album but that it is phenomenal.

Pharrell attributes the delay to Mrs. Carters’ as-of-yet untitled fifth album to Beyonce’s perfectionist expectations she places on her music:

B’s album is crazy. Let me tell you what it is. She’s very particular. She’s a Virgo. And she’s not going to put it out until it’s ready and feels like it’s right to her. She’s got a very specific taste. I guess that’s the reason she’s Beyonce.

Pharrell also admits that even when people believe Beyonce is finished with the album “she’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m almost done.'” This proclivity to continuously working of Beyonce’s was cosigned by Diplo who said Beyonce scrapped her album in July of 2013.

While the world is clamoring for the next compilation of music from the Houston-bred songstress, Beyonce is occupied with other endeavors  such as jumping off of buildings.  The singer recently uploaded a video of her jumping from the top of The Sky Tower, 630 feet in the air in Auckland, New Zealand.

Check out Beyonce skydive over 600 feet in the air below: