Producer Teddy Riley Files Copyright Lawsuit – Against His Own Daughter


(AllHipHop News) A family squabble between Teddy Riley and one of his daughter’s seems to continue on, with the super producer’s filing of a lawsuit against his own child, Taja Riley.

While the full details of the lawsuit have yet to be filed, here’s what can be exclusively reported thus far.

Teddy Riley filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against 20-year-old Taja Riley, aka Foxx Monroe on January 9.

In 2010, Taja Riley was attempting a signing career with a group known as RaidR, featuring her two other sister Deja and Tiarra.

But the lawsuit, which was filed in California Central District Court State Court, names EMI Publishing, EMI Music Publishing, EMI Virgin Music Inc., Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC and Sony ATV Music Publishing Acquisition as defendants and not any of the other Riley children.

Readers may recall in late 2009, Teddy Riley and Taja Riley hit the gossip sites, after a wild altercation during a family gathering, at his Los Angeles mansion.

The fight resulted in six LAPD officers and a helicopter being dispatched to residence, where Teddy Riley was cuffed and restrained, because police thought he had a gun.

“My heart is heavy and it grieves me to watch it play out in the media,” Teddy Riley said in a statement shortly after the altercation, which resulted in Taja filing a restraining order against her father.

“I feel sad and humiliated that we’ve been put in a situation where it’s necessary for these details to be released to the public, as I am a firm believer that family matters should remain discreet and worked through privately together,” said the producer, who admitted that he should have “talked” to his daughters more.

Teddy Riley and Adida Music are being represented by Harry E. Douglas, IV, Joseph E. Porter, III of the Law Offices of Joseph E. Porter III.