Quentin Miller Confirms Meek Mill And His Dreamchaser Goons Beat Him Up


(AllHipHop News) Today (March 25th) VladTV dropped an interview with Quentin Miller and some unknown information came out related to the Meek Mill and Drake beef from last year.

In the interview, media insider Taxstone is shown in a pop-out-screen revealing that Meek Mill and his Dreamchaser crew beat up Quentin Miller.

“Meek wanted the mu’f#### to write for him,” Taxstone said. “Quentin Miller wouldnt write for him, so they blew it up like ‘this mu’f#### write for Drake.’ That’s how it really came out and that’s why Dreamchasers beat Quentin Miller up in LA.”

Upon seeing the clip with Vlad, Quentin began to explain what really happened that day. Quentin Miller confirmed the beatdown at Footlocker in LA and after all of the beef with Drake and Meek.

“Yea its true,” Quentin Miller said repeatedly laughing. “They caught me. We was walking, I was in LA and I walking to the Nike store and he approached me and this was really my first time talking with Meek. And he basically told me like, you know he didn’t appreciate the letter that I dropped, and that it made him seem like he was a liar and stuff. And they stole off in my Nike store and ran. I shed blood in the Nike store on Wilshire. I shed blood in the Nike store”

“I’m really bout this life,” Quentin Miller laughed as he beat on his chest. “But nah that s### is real. As far as details about that other s###. I’m not going to detail that. As far as DJ Drama,  I always got love and respect for DJ Drama. As far as Meek Mill I dont get them, I don’t get how he moves or why they make the decisions they make, but I guess that’s just who they are, its whatever.”

No cops and no charges were pressed according to Quentin.  Quentin asserts that he’s not at “street n*gga,” and said “They can have that.”

Check out the full clip below via VladTV, more news as details emerge.