Rap Pioneers Looking To Launch Hip Hop Museum In The Bronx


(AllHipHop News) Some of the fathers of Hip Hop are joining forces to create a museum dedicated to the culture’s historical and educational impact. Grandmaster Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, Afrika Bambaataa, and Grand Wizard Theodore are working with the Windows of Hip Hop development project to establish a new exhibition hall in the birthplace of Hip Hop – The Bronx.

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“Any institution dedicated to Hip Hop has to be in the Bronx. We’re trying to  make that a reality,” Caz told The New York Daily News.

“We’re going to see this become a reality. It’s a celebration of what we did in the past, as well as the present and what we can do in the future,” added Mel.

The mission of Windows of Hip Hop is “to explore Hip Hop’s origins and celebrate it’s cultural & historical significance in the world through exhibits, presentations, performances and educational programs.” Both Grandmaster Melle Mel and Grandmaster Caz serve on the board of WoHH.

As Mel and Caz prepare to honor Hip Hop’s vibrant past, they also have strong opinions about the culture’s present. When asked what they think about rap music today neither legend admits to being too fond of what they hear.

“I really can’t stand it. It’s way too juvenile. It’s way too violent. It doesn’t stand for anything,” stated Melle Mel.

“Hip Hop is beautiful today. Hip Hop in its truest sense hasn’t changed,” shares Caz. “Now, rap music, rap music needs an enema. Rap music needs a good flush-out.”

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