Reports Mos Def Is Banned From Entering U.S. Are A "Complete Lie" Says Friend


(AllHipHop News) The Internet went into a frenzy when the Together Boston Musical Festival posted a message on its website claiming Mos Def (aka Yasiin Bey) was barred from re-entering the United States. The organizers stated that “immigration/legal issues” were preventing the rapper/actor from performing at their event.

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Times Live is reporting that those statements are completely untrue. The South African based publication spoke with a friend of Mos Def. Abdi “Whosane” Hussein is denying that the Brooklyn born artist is unable to return to the States.

“[Mos Def] has never attempted to enter any country and been refused. It’s a complete lie,” says Hussein. “In fact, if there was anything criminal against you, they would invite you back so they could lock you up.”

Hussein, who appeared on the 2010 track “Taxi” with Mos, is another American currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Mos Def moved to the country in 2013. Earlier this year he told an audience at Cape Town’s Music Exchange Conference that it was hard for him to leave his home, but he was glad he relocated.

The “Umi Says” performer is currently participating at the Re-imagination Creative Hub in Addis Ababa. The program is part of the African Union’s “Agenda 2063” global strategy to “optimize use of Africa’s resources for the benefit of all Africans.”

Hussein adds it is Mos Def’s work on various projects on the Continent that has caused him to move the dates of his concert appearances in America, not any government prevention.

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